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Meet The Chef

Hello everyone!

I'm Vanessa and I live in Chagford, on the edge of Dartmoor, Devon.  I moved here with my husband, John and daughter, Allegra in 2014.

We took over an old pub in Chagford that had been closed for a couple of years.  We renamed it, using the location in its new name.  Our focus was on food - we wanted it to be food led.  This was John's vision - a vision that was fresh, modern but maintained the tradition of this old tin mining town.

It was beginning to become rather successful but in 2017, John was diagnosed with cancer and sadly died towards the end of 2019.  See the article written on Devon Live 

Food was always an important factor in our life together so it made sense to continue this but on a smaller scale and preparing and cooking the kind of food that I enjoy.  I love food from around the world - I love the colours, vibrancy and intense flavours and this is all reflected in Wild Dartmoor Kitchen.

The meze boxes

The food Wild Dartmoor Kitchen creates is bespoke.  It is for any occasion.  It is also available as a global mezze for collection, 3 times a month.  

Please do not hesitate in contacting Wild Dartmoor Kitchen for any requirements such as food for dinner parties, picnics or bespoke food collections.  Please see our sample menus.



Global Meze Boxes

A global meze box of up to 8 items

Bespoke Meals

You choose a menu of world flavours & we’ll assemble a divine & delectable brunch, lunch, dinner or event 


A variety of delicious wines (or not) paired with a choice of different world flavoured mezze style selections or something more traditional


Bespoke Meals

Perhaps you'd like a meal that has an Asian or middle-eastern influenced meal...Its all possible.  Contact us!

At Your Service

Tell me a little about your event so I can begin the creation process

Thanks for submitting!

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